Hard to Handle Podcast, is a podcast in which we discuss lots of difficult or ‘hard to handle’ topics. Things ranging from Paranormal, True Crime, Mysteries, Vanishings/Disappearances, Murder, Aliens and even Conspiracy Theories. Episodes are published weekly on a variety of platforms.




Heather is a soon to be bride of 2022, mother, bonus mom, certified medical assistant and true crime connoisseur. She loves to cook, clean (OCD) and is also currently attending college to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is an avid video gamer and when she isn’t gaming her and the family love to be outdoors.


When Mikee isn’t cohosting the podcast he loves to game WoW, LoL, FFXIV and other franchises. He is a certified cosmetologist and loves anything delicious or aesthetically pleasing. If he isn’t painting his nails matte black he’s thinking about it!


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